Daily Covid-19 Dashboard #972 - 17 Jan 2022

Some 3,208 COVID-19 positive people have now lost their lives since the pandemic began after 11 additional people were reported dead by the Ministry of Health yesterday.

According to the Ministry of Health’s latest update, the recent fatalities were four elderly males, three elderly females and four middle-aged females.

“Examples of the comorbidities present in the deceased include: Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Lung Disease and Cancers, 6 persons had multiple comorbidities. 3 persons each had only one comorbidity. 2 persons had no known medical conditions,” the update said.

The ministry also confirmed that there were 382 new COVID-19 cases from samples collected between January 9 and 16. This made 101,376 people to have contracted the disease since March 12, 2020.

However, with 324 people being released from under the ministry’s care as recovered patients, active cases rose slightly to 16,566. The majority of these patients, 15,559, were in home self-isolation. There were 486 in hospital while 139 were in step-down/transitional facilities.