Over 139 foreigners, who are currently remanded in T&T’s prisons and are participating in the current hunger strike, are now pleading with the relevant authorities to allow them to speak with officials from their respective Embassies.

Guardian Media understands that 96 of them are remanded prisoners, while 43 of them are convicted.

According to a prison source, “The foreigners are more serious than locals when coming to passing diets and these things. They are all fed up of the conditions in the prisons and want to highlight their issues with officials from their embassies who they believe will help them.”

According to a statement disclosing the proposed hunger strike that was released last week Wednesday via the social media platform, the prisoners are calling for speedy trials for those accused of murders; reasonable bail for petty offenders; the immediate release of all remanded inmates from Building 13 at the Maximum Security Prison (MSP); clothing and medication requests from their respective family members and a full-scale investigation into the alleged government involvement in obtaining and torturing remanded prisoners housed at building 13 (MSP).

“ The immediate release of all remanded inmates from Building 13 who are facing humiliation and a high level of oppression by the same police officers who charged and accused these individuals for crimes they did not commit…they are innocent until proven guilty. We are well aware that some of the police officers and prison officers who are presently assigned by the commissioner of police are infected by the Covid-19 and are currently jeopardizing the lives of these innocent accused individuals at Building13,” it added.

The statement, which was believed to have been prepared by a group of inmates, claimed that Building 13 is an “inhumane enclosed environment perfect for the breeding of the Covid-19.”

Acting Commissioner of Prisons, Dennis Pulchan when contacted confirmed that some Venezuelan refused to et their meals.

He added that any embassy official willing to come in and visit can feel free to do so as the TT Prison Service has “nothing to hide.”