Police say 14 bodies were removed from a vessel that was found adrift off the coast of Tobago this morning.

The following is a statement by the Police Service:

“Police are investigating the discovery of 14 bodies, a skull and skeletal remains, stacked in a boat which was found floating four miles off Belle Garden, Tobago, this morning.

According to reports, around 6:30 am on May 28th, fishermen Doyle and Lance Biggart, 48, of Pembroke, whilst fishing off Belle Garden, spotted a strange vessel.

Upon investigating, the fishermen found the decomposed bodies. The fishermen then contacted the Police and the Coast Guard.

The fishermen pulled the vessel ashore at the Belle Garden Bay. The bodies, all men, were in an advanced state decomposition. The bodies were eventually removed to the mortuary at the Scarborough General Hospital to await identification and subsequent autopsies to determine the causes of death.

Visiting the scene were ACP William Nurse, Supt Kirk, ASP Matthews, Inspector Prince and officers of Homicide and Charlotteville and Roxborough police CID. The entire area was cordoned off as investigations continue.”