Maraval Community Council President Bryan Pierre, with Community Development, Culture and The Arts Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly centre and Finance Minister Colm Imbert, right turn the sod for the Maraval Community Centre on Friday.

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Residents of Maraval can expect to receive a new two-storey community centre in a year’s time.

Diego Martin North/East MP and Minister of Community Development, Arts and Culture Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly turned the sod for the $15.6 million project on Friday.

The project is carded to begin one day after the 2020 General Election on August 10 and will be managed by the Urban Development Corporation of T&T (UDeCOTT). It’s expected to be completed on August 12, 2021.

“This structure you’re in is 25 years old. It has served its purpose in those years,” MP for the area Colm Imbert, who has been serving constituents for over 25 years, told members of the community while speaking during the ceremony.

“Your new community centre would be one of the most modern and most impressive community centres in Trinidad and Tobago. It would be a two-storey building, which is the way we go now.”

Gadsby-Dolly indicated the project was part of an aggressive campaign by the ministry to refurbish and build community centres nationwide.

“Just recently we did our 41st opening and certainly we have more planned over the next few weeks,” she told the residents.

“The reason why we take this so seriously is because we understand, Mr Pierre, what a centre is to a community. And we understand, MP Imbert, what it feels like for members of a community to grow from strength to strength and to measure progress by the way their centre looks, by the way it progresses, by the way they are presented to the community.”

Maraval Community Council president Bryan Pierre said they were grateful for the Government’s initiative in the project, adding they (state) noticed the need for it “without us having to agitate for it.”

“For this, the community responds in thankfulness,” Pierre said.