Trevor Sooknan-Toorie moves a barrel from floodwaters surrounding his home in Palo Seco yesterday.

Yesterday’s adverse weather caused 15 landslides and widespread street flooding across the country, damaging several homes and costing one man his life.

According to data from the Office of Disaster Preparedness (ODPM), there were 10 landslides reported in the North West region. The OPDM said there were landslides reported in Belmont, St Ann’s, Morvant, Malick, Santa Cruz, San Juan and Petit Bourg but there was no flooding reported in those areas.

In the North Central region, there were two fallen trees reported in Maracas and along the Riverside Road, Curepe. There was also a report of a landslide at Noel Trace, St Augustine and residential flooding on Savannah Road, Arouca. On Saturday, there was one report of a roof being blown off a house on Koon Street Malabar.

In South Central, there was one report of residential flooding on Xeres Road, Carlsen Field, street flooding reported along Cedar Hill Road, along the Inverness Road, on the Tasker Road and in Borde Narve—all reported yesterday. There was one report of a landslide at Phipps Trace, Talparo, on Saturday.

In the South West region, there were a total of 11 incidents reported yesterday, including street flooding along the Penal Road Road, Penal, along Beach Road in Palo Seco, along Scotts Road near Sou Sou Lands, along Crawford Junction, along July Trace, along Solomon Knox Road and along the Buenos Ayre Main Road.

A landslip at Syne Village, Penal, meanwhile finally claimed the entire roadway, cutting off access along the SS Erin Road. Heavy rains caused the entire road, which had been partially affected by slippage, to slip away into a precipice yesterday, causing further damage to several homes.

In a release last evening, the Ministry of Works and Transport said the road will be temporarily closed from the 16.40 km to 17.00 km mark (near LP #308) due to the rapid failure of the roadway. it said currently, approximately 85 per cent of the road width is affected, making it hazardous to the road users. Motorists were advised to proceed with extreme caution and observe all directional signs and barriers, as an alternative route has been developed.

The ODPM also received information on residential flooding on Rochard Road, Penal.

There were two landslides, one along the Buenos Ayres Main Road and the other in Rancho Quemado, which claimed the life of a 42-year-old Christopher Samuel.

In Tobago, a landslide was reported along Bloody Bay Road to the Roxborough Link Road.

There were no incidents reported in the East region, according to the ODPM.