A 15-year-old is the main suspect in one of two wounding incidents over the past few days

Investigations are continuing into two separate wounding incidents, including one in which a 15-year-old is a main suspect.

According to a police report, at about 3.30 pm on Friday, a man from Toco Main Road, Balandra, went fishing with his 15-year-old male relative. Police said while fishing, an argument broke out between the two, during which the teen took out a gun and shot his adult male relative twice.

A struggle then ensued and teen allegedly fell overboard. He managed to swim back to the pirogue but without the firearm.

Both relatives returned to shore and the victim was taken to the Sangre Grande District Hospital where he is currently warded in a stable condition.

In the other unrelated incident, at about 8.15 am on Sunday, 38-year-old Steve Hamlet of Mango Alley, Laventille, was walking east along Evans Road, Block 22, Laventille, in the company of four friends when they were approached by two men. One man was armed with a rifle and the other with a pistol. Both men reportedly fired several shots at Hamlet, who was shot in the right side of the face.

He was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre where he was treated and warded.

Police said due to the facial injury, he is unable to speak.

Investigations are ongoing.