The following is a press release from the Ministry of Health:

 Number of samples submitted to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), the UWI and other local sites for testing for COVID-19. 22,375
 Number of unique patient tests completed 19,453
 Number of repeated tests 2,922
 Number of samples which have tested positive at public and private facilities in Trinidad and Tobago 1,402
 Total number of active cases 793
 Number of deaths 15
 Number of persons discharged 594

The eighteen (18) positive cases reported below show results from samples taken during the period August 19th to August 26th, 2020. Therefore, this figure is NOT representative of the positive cases over the last 24 hours only.

The Ministry of Health provides the following update: 

·         Eighteen (18) additional persons have tested positive for COVID -19.

All established protocols have been implemented.

·         Four hundred and (402) persons have been discharged.

COVID-19 Positive Patients in Hospital – (118)

Six Hundred and forty-three (643) patients have been home quarantined under the continuous monitoring of the respective County Medical Officer Health (CMOH) offices.

Eighteen (18) new patients will be processed for admission.

Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility104 6 (ICU)8 (HDU)
Caura Hospital14 

COVID-19 Positive Patients in Step-down / Transition Facilities – (14)

Brooklyn Facility, Sangre Grande 0
Balandra 2
Tacarigua 1
UWI, Debe 3
UWI, Canada hall 1
UWI, Freedom hall 3