Two brothers were killed during a drive-by shooting on Wednesday evening.

The deceased brothers have been identified as Stephon Springer, 33, of Zircon Avenue, Bon Air West, Arouca and Jason Springer, 22, of the same address.

Police said they were well-known and had several charges laid against them over the years. The elder brother had 34 charges for drug, firearm, robbery and assault. He was also a sexual offender, they said.

Jason was a known drug offender with three charges on the system.

According to a police report, at 7.10 pm on Wednesday police responded to a report of gun shots at Hindustan Road, Arouca.

On arrival, they saw a white Nissan B-13 reversing out of the said road. The driver, Tevin Springer reported that his brother, Stephon was shot and that he was taking him to the hospital.

Police then drove further into Hindustan Road at LP #50 and were informed by residents that at about 7 pm the brothers, were liming in a yard at Hindustan Road, Arouca, in company with other people when a white Nissan AD Wagon stopped at the front of the yard.

They then saw the right rear glass of the wagon going down and gunmen pointing guns at them, opening fire.

The group dispersed running and screaming for their lives.

A check was made shortly after and Jason was seen in the back of the house suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the body. Stephen was seen in the yard at the back of a wall with a gunshot wound to the body.

Both men were taken to the hospital by friends and relatives.

Stephon was taken to the Arima Health Facility where he was pronounced dead while Jason died at the Eric Williams Medical Health Facility.

Relatives were too distraught to speak to the media, however, a mutual friend of both brothers said they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The friend, however, refused to comment on what the police said they were accused of.