A 33-year-old man ran amok in New Grant last night, hacking to death two members of his family and wounding two others, including a pensioner.

Dead are Antero McQueen, 52, and his sister-in-law Monica Jagroop, 35. Jagroop’s father Manickchand Jagroop, 72, and her sister Indra Jagroop, 42, are being treated at the San Fernando General Hospital for chops wounds. One of Indra Jagroop’s hands was severed, police said.

Police were told the attack stemmed from an ongoing land dispute.

Guardian Media understands that McQueen and his wife, Indra Jagroop, were at their home at Farmers Road, School Trace around 10:50 pm, when the suspect called out to them. When the couple went outside, the suspect ran up to McQueen and chopped him on the neck. As he collapsed to the ground, Indra went to his assistance, but she was also attacked. She was chopped several times on her face, shoulder and arms. Her left hand was chopped off. 

Indra’s father, who lives opposite her home, heard the commotion and went to investigate. However, the suspect chopped him on the left side of his face. The suspect then went to Jagroop’s home and chopped her multiple times.  He then ran off.

The manhunt for the 33-year-old suspect continues as he is still at large.