Two men were arrested—one for possession of marijuana and the other for possession of an apparatus which is used with narcotics—during an Operation Strike Back exercise conducted in Enterprise on December 23rd, 2021.

The exercise was conducted by officers of the Central Division Task Force Area North and Canine Unit.

According to police reports, officers executed a search warrant at a house located at Mano Drive, Crown Trace, Enterprise. During the search, a man who was visiting the home began behaving suspiciously, causing officers to search his person. The officers allegedly discovered and seized an apparatus specifically altered for the illicit use of cocaine.

While at Mano Drive, officers also searched a man who, upon seeing the lawmen, began acting suspiciously. At the time, the man was said to be holding a red and white gift bag.  He allegedly looked in the direction of the officers and quickly turned in the opposite direction, quickened his pace and stashed the bag under some debris by an abandoned wooden structure along Post Man Drive.

Police gave chase and the man was apprehended, taken back to the wooden structure and with the assistance of Police Canine Eddo, a search was conducted, and the red and white bag was seized. The bag was searched in the man’s presence and the officers reportedly discovered 17 transparent plastic bags—each containing dried marijuana—with a collective weight of 450 grammes.

Both men were arrested for possession of apparatus and possession of marijuana respectively and taken to the Chaguanas Police Station.

Charges are expected to be laid in both matters.