Two men were shot to death in Pleasantville last night. Dead are 28-year-old plumber Akeem Mendoza, and 40-year-old Jashier Daniel, both of Orchid Gardens, Pleasantville.

Guardian Media understands that police officers were on patrol in Pleasantville around 7:15 pm on Wednesday January 19th, when they heard several loud explosions coming from the apartment buildings at Orchid Gardens.

When the officers arrived at Building C off Aerides Drive, they reportedly saw Mendoza’s bloody body on the ground. They also saw a grey B-14 vehicle fleeing the scene.

Residents told the officers that another man had been shot, and his wife was taking him to the San Fernando General Hospital.  However, when the woman got to Cypre Boulevard, the car got a flat tyre and she sought help from a passer-by.  Her husband, Jashier Daniel, reportedly succumbed to his injuries before he got to the hospital.

Police recovered 21 9 mm spent shells, two projectiles and three 5.56 calibre bullets and a spent casing.  Police also observed that the B-14 car was riddled with bullet holes.

The deceased men were known to the police.

Officers of the Mon Repos Police Station, San Fernando CID and Homicide Bureau of investigations visited the crime scene.

Investigations are ongoing.