The three bodies that were found after firefighters extinguished a house fire in Dibe, St James, on Monday, have been identified and are all believed to be Venezuelans.

According to police, the victims are: Luis Santiago David Cabello Figuera, 19; Celso Jose Andrade Cedeno, 35, and the third, a woman, was still only known by her alias, “Flo,” up to yesterday. They all lived at LP No 29 1 Dibe Road, Long Circular Road, St James.

Police were told by residents near the house, located at Freedom Place, Upper Fine Road, Dibe, that several Venezuelan nationals had recently taken up residence there. The three victims were found in the same room police and fire officers suspect was set on fire at about 2 am on Monday. Residents reported hearing a series of gunshots before they saw the house on fire. When the fire was extinguished the three bodies were found burnt beyond recognition.

Police are yet to determine a motive for the killings.