Radhica De Silva

Two workers from the Siparia Regional Corporation have tested positive for COVID-19.A source, who requested anonymity, said four workers have now gone on quarantine.

In an internal memo, staffers were told that all standing meetings have been cancelled until May 25.

The scheduled Statutory Meeting carded for May 27, has also been put on hold pending the outcomes of the current COVID-19 spike.

Chairman of the Corporation Dinesh Sankersingh could not be reached for comment, but councillor for Avocat/ San Francique Doodnath Mayrhoo confirmed the COVID-19 cases.

“We are taking all precautionary measures by way of sanitisation. The chairman decided that we will suspend all meetings,” Mayrhoo said.

He said because the SRC was on a 50 per cent rotation, only four people went on quarantine after coming into contact with the COVID-19 positive people.

Mayrhoo added, “There are hundreds of people who are carrying the virus and who have not been tested.

“We need stringent measures because, despite the precautions that the Health Ministry is taking and the Public Health Regulations, some people are still not taking this seriously.”

Councillor for Cedros Shankar Teelucksingh also said there must be stricter public health regulations within the regional corporations.

“We have had COVID-19 cases in Penal/Debe, Chaguanas and Point Fortin.

“We are calling on the minister to release funding so we can have proper sanitisation and quicker measures for members entering and leaving the regional corporations,” Teelucksingh added.