Twenty-two Venezuelan nationals were detained for illegal entry into the country during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the El Socorro area on Friday 23rd October 2020, between the hours  of  hours  of  6:15 am and  9:00 am.

According to official police reports, several  warrants  were  executed  and  houses were searched during  the  exercise,  which resulted in the arrest of  22 Venezuelan nationals  who had  no  valid  IDs  or  permits  to  reside  in  Trinidad  and  Tobago. 

The TTPS says the 22 immigrants  were conveyed  to  the  El  Socorro  Health  Centre following their arrests, where they were medically examined, before being taken to the San Juan and Morvant Police Stations.

Immigration Division personnel were informed of their arrests.

The  exercise was spearheaded  by  Snr  Supt  Maharaj,  W/Supt  Maynard Wilson,  Supt  lexander  and  ASP Pariman, and coordinated by  Ag/Sgt Martin, and  Sgt  Bharath.  It was supervised  by  Ag/Cpl  Duncan  and    Ag/  Cpl  Majeed, and included  members  of  the  North  Eastern  Division  Task  Force (N.E.D.T.F),  as well as the San Juan and Morvant C.I.D.

Investigations continue.