A vial labelled with the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that 25,000 persons from the general adult population will now be able to access Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines.

An advisory issued today by the Ministry notes that Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines already have been reserved for the pregnant population and for persons aged 12 to 18 years. 

As such, other supplies have been allocated for the 25,000 adults the Ministry hopes to target and can be accessed at specific locations in the various Regional Health Authorities.

The Ministry also notes that no appointment is required, and members of the public will be facilitated on a first-come, first-served basis, based on vaccine availability.

“The population is reminded that a range of World Health Organization approved COVID-19 vaccines have been made available at locations throughout the country,” the Ministry says in its advisory.

It added: “Members of the public encouraged to take advantage of any opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible and to continue to follow the ‘3Ws’ — Wear Your Mask, Watch Your Distance and Wash Your Hands.”

The following are the locations identified by the Ministry in the various Regional Health Authorities, from which the Pfizer vaccine will be distributed to the general adult population…


●   Hasely Crawford Stadium (Drive-thru)

●   National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA)

●   Paddock, Queens Park Savannah


●   Ato Boldon Stadium

●   Centre Pointe Mall, Chaguanas

●   UTT Chaguanas Campus


●   COSTATT Campus, El Dorado

●   Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway (Drive-thru)

●   Larry Gomes Stadium

●   Duranta Gardens Community Centre

●   National Racquet Centre, Tacarigua

●   Sangre Grande Civic Centre

●   Hansraj Sumairsingh Multipurpose Complex, Rio Claro

●   Mayaro Civic Centre


●   Cedros Health Centre (until 7th September)

●   Debe Health Centre

●   National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) Campus – La Brea (from 8th September)

●   Penal PowerGen Site

●   South West Regional Indoor Facility, Point Fortin ( from 15th September)

●   Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA)


●   Canaan Health Centre

●   Les Coteaux Health Centre

●   Mason Hall Community Centre

●   Roxborough Health Centre

●   Scarborough Health Centre

●   Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort