3 held for trafficking cocaine in broad daylight

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Coast Guard officers intercepted a boat and arrested two local fishermen and a Venezuelan woman for cocaine possession, on Tuesday (22 December 2020).

Investigators said around 9:35 am, Coast Guard Petty Officer Bridgeman in company with other Coast Guard officers were on patrol at the coast of Icacos when they saw a boat named Mahalia coming into territorial waters.

They intercepted the vessel which was occupied by a 30-year-old man of Cap-de-Ville, a 54-year-old fisherman of Southern Gardens, Point Fortin, and a 36-year-old woman of Tucupita, Venezuela.

When the officers checked the boat, they found five rectangular objects wrapped in black plastic and yellow tape.  When they opened the packages, they contained a white powder resembling cocaine.

The cocaine reportedly weighed 5.6 kilos, but no dollar value has been given.

The three occupants were taken to the Point Fortin Area hospital where they were medically examined. They were then sent for quarantine and are expected to be charged for cocaine possession.