Crime Scene Investigators collect evidence next to Akim McDonald’s body along the Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay.

Two men were gunned down in Claxton Bay and Marabella while another man’s headless, charred corpse was found in a forested area in Santa Flora over the weekend.

Homicide detectives say the rising murder toll kept them busy over the weekend as they searched for clues to solve the three murders.

On Saturday night, two hunters stumbled upon the charred remains of a man. The body appeared to have been set on fire. The deceased was wearing a blue coverall and his head was missing. Police could not say how the man was killed as the body was in a state of decomposition. The remains were removed to the Forensic Science Centre where an autopsy will be done once the body is identified.

In the second incident, homicide officers got a call around 9 am that a man had been shot between Enid Street and Bayshore Line, Marabella. An anonymous caller told officers that he was at home when he heard two men arguing, followed by the sounds of gunfire.

When he looked out he saw Kevon King, 37, lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body. King lived at East Bayshore and had a criminal record.

In the third murder, 32-year-old Akim Mc Donald was gunned down near the Union Claxton Bay School in St Margarets yesterday.

A witness said Mc Donald worked as a labourer and was packing batteries in a container when a car pulled up and gunshots rang out. He was shot four times to the face and upper body.

A relative Levair Dyette said she was at home when she heard the gunshots.

“ I was inside lying down on the bed when I heard gunshots. I see my relative bleeding. I am nervous right now,” Dyette said.

She added that she did not know who was behind the murder.

“He got shot on his head already and he survived,” Dyette said.

Esther Lewis who was good friends with Mc Donald’s family said she too was nervous since the killing.

“We heard that a car passed and someone jumped out and shot him four times. I spoke to him before and he was normal. He didn’t look worried about anything,” she said.

Lewis said the crime situation was terrible and she wanted something to be done.

“When it touches close to home then you feel it,” she said.

Police are calling on members of the public to provide any information that would assist them in solving the murders.

Anyone with information can contact CrimeStoppers at 800-TIPS.