Dane Savary

A member of the OJO World media fraternity is one of the latest victims of COVID-19.

Dane Savary, 42, was one of four people announced as the lastest COVID deaths by the Ministry of Health yesterday.

The OJO World network which includes 96.1 WEFM and 107.7FM

Savary’s death was announced by OJO boss, Tony Chow Lin On via his Facebook page yesterday.

“I just lost someone very close to me, an OJO member. I will say more later, I’m devastated. To all those who feel that Covid is not real, I pray that you don’t have to feel the way I feel right now. To the family, condolences. To my OJO team, condolences. To my brother Dane Savary (May 31st 1979 – May 5th 2021) RIP.”

After the Ministry of Health published its daily COVID figures, showing 399 new cases and an increase in the number of deaths from 185 to 189, Chow Lin On shared the post on Facebook with the following: “Today’s numbers hit me different, not just for the record breaking 399, but one of the 4 deaths was one of my personal assistants at OJO. May I remind everyone the 189 Covid deaths are not numbers, metrics, statistics or whatever else you want to call it. These are real people with people who love them dearly. Who feels it knows it lord.”

Guardian media attempted to contact Chow Lin On for comment yesterday but calls to his phone went unanswered.

Chief Medial Officer, Dr Roshan Parasram told a news conference on Monday that Younger, healthier people with no co-morbidities are now dying from the COVID-19 virus in T&T and the Health Ministry is now testing them to determine if the more deadly Brazilian (P1) strain was responsible for their deaths.

“We did see some deaths in younger people, one in the 30s, a couple in the 40s without co-morbidities in the past few days, which is a worrying trend,” he said.

“There is a concern about whether it can be attributed to the P1. Time will tell when we confirm those samples,” he said.

The P1 he said was “moving faster and hitting harder” which meant we had to “double-up” on the restrictions and try to stop the spread.