Christian Minwah of Couva gets ready to take away five doubles he bought at Persad’s Hot Tasty Doubles at Crown Point. (Image: CAMILLE McEACHNIE)

Construction workers Christian and Christopher Minwah of Couva are rejoicing at the return of “economical and tasty” street food.

They were the first customers to purchase doubles at Persad’s Hot Tasty doubles, located at the junction leading to the Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

Christopher, the younger of the two brothers, says the $5.00 price of each doubles is “economical for a belly-full tasty breakfast.”

“We know we can’t eat it on the spot so we’re taking it back to our site. We can’t wait to eat.”

The owner of the food stall, Linda Persad, says she is “glad to finally reopen and earn some money again.”

“COVID here to stay and we here to stay too, so we have to find a way to live with it. I only hope people follow all the rules so we don’t have to close again.”

Persad is providing hand sanitizer, soap, and water, so that customers can wash their hands before purchasing at her stall.

Businesses selling food reopened today after they were closed in May 2021 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

According to health regulations, food cannot be consumed where it is bought.