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Five people escaped death when two cars collided at the South Trunk Road in La Romaine on Tuesday night.

Investigators say around 9:40 pm, Kurt Alexander of Ridgewood Gardens, Golconda, was driving his car east along the South Trunk Road when upon reaching the vicinity of Paria Suites, another vehicle driven by Malcolm Charles, attempted to overtake a line of traffic. Charles’s vehicle, which was heading in the opposite direction, came into the pathway of Alexander’s car, investigators revealed.

Malcolm Charles, of Lagoon Dor Street, New Lands, was in company with front seat passengers Clint Jordan as well as Giselle Ramkissoon and Micah George, who were sitting in the back.

Investigators said all five received injuries and the entire front of both vehicles were damaged. They are all warded at the San Fernando General Hospital.

WPC Allum and PC Williams of the San Fernando Police Station are continuing investigations.