Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly, centre, soca artiste Machel Montano, left, and managing director of Unicomer, Clive Flecther with some of the teachers who were recipients of certificates during the function yesterday.

A total of 50 teachers are beneficiaries of a three-month training sponsored by Unicomer Limited and trained by Education Solution Limited.

The teachers were given certificates yesterday after they were trained in online content delivery and the ability to understand ICT for learning.

The training started on November 18, last year and was successfully completed on January 15.

Speaking at the ceremony, Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly said it takes corporate citizens who are willing to put their money where their mouth is…. it takes all of us…. it takes the staff of the ministry who are accustomed to doing this one way and now have to adapt very quickly.”

She said with COVID-19 pandemic is forced schools to be closed and the school population to move towards online learning.

The minister said, “CXC signalled E -examinations years ago and in Trinidad and Tobago we said not yet we are not ready, but I can tell you in less than a year, the level of readiness that we have arrived at is phenomenal.”

She added: “We all had a part to play, we can understand how to take attendance online, we can now understand what it means to be able to generate reports on attendance and engagement that we would not have been able to engage before, we can understand now and see very easily how we can transition to e-books and understand that is where we are going. The more training our teachers are exposed to the more systems they are exposed to gives them a better facility it allows them the ability to adapt.”

The training also included students who were given devices through the Ministry of Education Adopt a School Project. Those students who benefited were the ones given the 200 devices donated by the Machel Montano Foundation for Greatness and Blue Waters.

Soca artiste Machel Montano said, “I thought it was effective to collaborate by providing devices and I saw this step making this provision efficient I think we had to strengthen the teacher’s ability to exercise their roll.”

Managing Director of Unicomer Clive Flecther said he was elated of the success of the project and Unicomer’s ability to be able to assist students.

“Unicomer Trinidad Limited did not hesitate to sponsor this programme that included a key partnership with major education brands SMART. The SMART brand offers innovative solutions to education using the best in technological applications this would advance the learning capabilities of all our students in Trinidad and Tobago”, he said.

The training solution offers a SMART learning suite provides rich software and cloud base experience that focuses on teaching to improve classroom experiences and help develop effective and confident teachers who embrace technology to reach every teacher and inspire learning.

Chief Executive Officer of Education Solutions Limited Brendon Butt said, “The teaching effective online course helps teachers develop their online teaching skills assisting them in adopting a new approach in delivering their lessons as we prepare for our nation students to return to school across the country, the medium to long term benefits of this venture in empowering teachers with the tools to successfully transition to blended learning are far reaching, in keeping for continuity, we have identified teachers who can serve as team leaders who can encourage colleagues who can part take in this transformation,”

Graduate and teacher Dawn Ryan said, “The training is focused improving teacher effective online helped to influence and change our attitude toward online teaching, it meant that my reality and impacted mindset while demonstrating what the online experience should be, this course taught us how to design our online courses and give the learners a preview of what they were learning.”

“This training revealed who to integrate ICT into the curriculum effectively we were shown how to create or rather bring to life, the lesson we have planned it allows us a synchronised lesson with full teacher presence via recordings, the technology is accessible on any device and can be integrated on any platform,”she added.