Online classes

Over half of the teachers in the Government primary school system did not report for work today.

Responding to TTUTA’s call for teachers to take a day of rest to express their frustrations with the Ministry of Education, Guardian Media was told that around 55% of teachers in the Government primary schools did not turn on their devices. Absenteeism was particularly high in the South Eastern educational district (31% attendance).

TTUTA has said that they are fed up of the disrespect and ingratitude shown to teachers by the Education Ministry on issues ranging from the return to physical school policy, outstanding salary negotiations and a lack of dialogue.

Today the Movement for Concerned Parents said it stands in solidarity with the teachers as while today may be an inconvenience for students, it does not compare with the Government’s attempt to segregate them. The Ministry of Education has called a media conference at 2:30 pm today to address the ‘Physical Reopening of Schools for Forms 4-6’.

Reporter: Akash Samaroo