A 57-year-old technician has been ordered to stay away from a 16-year-old girl whom he allegedly sexually assaulted.
The man, who resides in Coconut Drive, Morvant, was given the order by Magistrate Indar Jagroo as part of his bail conditions which was set at $250,000.
He was also ordered to report to the Morvant Police Station bi-weekly. He will reappear before the court on February 2nd. The accused was charged with five counts of sexual penetration, three counts of sexual grooming nd one count of exposing a child to pornographic material.
According to police reports the man, the girl’s school driver, was arrested following an investigation into a report made to police the victim that she was allegedly subjected to several acts of sexual abuse on a few occasions during the period November 2017 and January 2020.

Investigations revealed that the alleged acts occurred while the girl was a passenger of a vehicle driven by the accused and while at his home. He was later charged with the offences. He was arrested on January 20th and charged on January 22nd by WPC Ashby, of the North-Eastern Division Child Protection Unit (CPU). The investigation was headed by W/Supt. (Ag) Claire Guy-Alleyne, ASP (Ag.) Roberts and supervised by Insp (Ag.) Davidson.