Fire officers speak with Kamarie Mc Donald at her homen Claxton Bay.

Arson has not been ruled out in a fire which has left a Claxton Bay family of six including four children homeless.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the blaze, but Shawn Charles, 34, a PH driver, his wife, Kamarie Mc Donald and four children ages 13, 12, seven and three years old have been left with only the clothes on their backs.

Unable to hold back the tears, Charles recalled that his daughter woke him up sometime after 8 pm on Friday.

“I was sleeping all about after eight last night my daughter come and wake me up and say the house on fire. When I get up I see the whole floor everything start to fall. The most I could do is to take them out of the house.”

The father who works as a PH driver also managed to save his car. While no one was injured, the father was heartbroken that everything they owned has now been reduced to ashes. He said while the firefighters were battling the flames, they ran out of the water.

“I have a Cube there, the Cube come out the yard, that is the only thing that get saved. Otherwise, everything get burn down.” The family lived downstairs the two-storey house at Sum Sum Hill while a cousin lived upstairs.

He said his eldest daughter sat the Secondary Entrance Assessment examination while his youngest child only started preschool a week ago. Charles does not believe the fire was electrical. The family has since taken up temporary lodging at a relative’s home.

Fire officers returned to the scene on Saturday and are continuing investigations. Meanwhile, Pointe-a-Pierre MP David Lee said the disaster management unit from Couva/Tabaquite/Taparo Regional Corporation will be assisting the family with hampers and mattresses.

“What I would be doing would be assisting the children in getting back their school books as I understand they were destroyed in the fire. The parents are making arrangements to get the list and I would see how fast we can purchase the school books.” He also called on well-wishers to donate to assist the family in this difficult time.

Councillor Nadia Khan-Mohammed told Guardian Media that she will also try to assist the family with food items, electronic devices and in any other way possible.