FLASHBACK - A Licensing officer uses a Tint Meter on a vehicle in January 2021, during a roadblock exercise on the North Coast Road. Looking on is Transport Commissioner Clive Clarke (centre).

The Ministry of Works and Transport is reminding the public that there will be a transition period of six months for the gradual enforcement of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Windscreen and Window Tint) Regulations, 2020, effective January 1st, 2022.

However, at the end of this six-month transition period, enforcement of the Regulations through the use of the Fixed Penalty System and Demerit Points System will take effect.

An advisory from the Ministry explains that during the transition period, through the Fixed Penalty Traffic Ticketing System, law enforcement officers will be able to record electronic warnings against the driving permit records of drivers found in breach of the Regulations. 

According to the Ministry, an electronic warning is a feature of the Fixed Penalty Traffic Ticketing System that provides law enforcement officers with the ability to issue warnings to road traffic offenders rather than a fixed penalty notice.  It also allows them to monitor the behaviour of habitual offenders of road traffic laws.

“This gradual enforcement of the Regulations also provides the general public with a transition period for adjustment and familiarisation with the practical operations of the Regulations,” the Ministry notes. 

“It is anticipated that this approach would allow motor vehicle owners additional time to become compliant with the Regulations thereby reducing unwanted excessive congregation at businesses such as tint shops and auto garages,” it added.

The public is encouraged to visit https://www.mowt.gov.tt/Divisions/Transport-Division/Tint, as well as the Ministry’s social media platforms, for full details and more information on the Regulations and additional updates.