The following is a press release from the Ministry of Health:

The Ministry of Health provides the following clinical update as of the morning of Saturday September 26, 2020:

Number of samples submitted to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), the UWI and other local sites for testing for COVID-19. 30,544
 Number of unique patient tests completed27,481
 Number of repeated tests3,063 
 Number of samples which have tested positive at public and private facilities in Trinidad and Tobago 4,285
Total number of active cases2,030
 Number of deaths 70
 Number of persons discharged from public health facilities914
 Number of recovered community cases1,271

The Ministry of Health provides the following update: 

·     Eight (8) additional persons have tested positive for COVID -19

These new 8 new patients will be processed for admission at the discretion of the CMOHs.

·   Nine (9) persons have been discharged from public health facilities

·    Fifty-four (54) are recovered community cases

Recovered community cases refer to persons who were previously COVID-19 positive and in self-isolation at home and subsequently met the discharge criteria and were released from self-isolation.