Eight year old Travis Floyd who was shot while he was at his home, at Fifth Company Village, Moruga on Wednesday night.

Doctors operated on an eight-year-old child to retrieve a bullet from his pelvic area after he was shot at his home while having dinner with his mother and baby brother on Wednesday night.

Travis Floyd, of Fifth Company Village, Moruga, remains warded in a stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

The child, who attends the Fifth Company Anglican School, lost a lot of blood as the bullet punctured an artery.

During an interview with Guardian Media, his aunt Emily Floyd said she was puzzled as to why someone would fire shots at the family’s home.

She said Floyd’s mother Pinky was at home with her son, which includes an 18-month-old baby Mackel Parris when the gunmen began firing through a louvre inside the house.

Seven shots were fired.

In an interview with Guardian Media, aunt Emily Floyd said she was at home around 10.10 pm, when she heard several loud explosions.

She explained that her sister had no enemies and was not involved in anything against the law. However, she said it appeared as if the shooting was intentional because the gunmen came directly to the house and fired through the window

Emily said she was grateful that Floyd was in a stable condition but said the incident had left everyone terrified and shaken.

Police said they have not established a motive for the shooting.

Investigators said they have footage of the gunmen fleeing in a white Nissan Tiida. Princes Town police are continuing investigations. (RDS)