The Clavel crosses the Gibraltar stretch yesterday. The vessel is one of five Iranian tankers carrying at least $45.5 million worth of gasoline and similar products to Venezuela, part of a wider deal between the two US-sanctioned nations amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington.

A 80-year-old man has threatened to sue the Eastern Credit Union Cooperate Society over its alleged failure to abide by a court order requiring it to pay him over $573,000 from the account of a person he won a judgement against.

Lawyers representing Anthony Centeno made the threat in a letter sent to Tamara Charles, the manager of the credit union’s branch at the corner of Park and Frederick Street in Port-of-Spain, on Monday.

In the letter, attorney Ricky Pandohee claimed that although High Court Judge Devindra Rampersad made the order on April 2, the credit union has failed to abide by it.

“In essence, should you fail to comply with the terms of the court’s order and our demand for payment forthwith, we will without further notice to you lake every lawful step to recover any judgement sum awarded to our client including levying your chattels and selling your real property,” Pandohee said, as he gave the credit union 24 hours in which to comply.

Guardian Media understands that it did not respond, up to late yesterday.

According to the evidence in the lawsuit, Centeno sued Brian Cummings as he claimed that he was owed the money.

Cummings, who lives in the United States, did not file a defence to the lawsuit and Centeno obtained a default judgement against him.

Cummings attempted to apply to strike out the default judgement but his application was dismissed by Rampersad in April.

As Cummings was out of the jurisdiction, Centeno’s lawyers did a search and discovered that he (Cummings) had well over the disputed sum in an account held at the credit union branch.

In December, last year, Rampersad granted a garnishee order freezing the money in Cummings account pending the final determination of the case.

Contacted yesterday, Pandohee said that his client was in dire need of his money as he had a protracted illness and needs treatment. He also claimed that he was forced to write Centeno’s landlord as he owes over six months’ rent and is facing imminent eviction.

Centeno is also being represented by Felix Celestine.