As the world wraps its outlook around the latest inclusion of man’s greatest test, COVID-19 swirls of different views that keep tumbling forward with little or no success.

It is amazing how this society felt it was indispensable and ready to accept that the forces of life came under mankind’s control and very little could defeat them. A simple jolt and the coin was flipped and astonishment wound its way to the top of the reality ladder.

This powerful question popped up: who is in charge? It is well known that there is only one super power. We can toss, turn and even dance—do whatever we feel, the answer remains the same. God is in charge. Until we strap down this concept in our conscience, then and only then can we as a people understand what is taking place.

The will to conquer has always been challenging but with faith, persistence ends up being the main objective or the course decider.

COVID-19 brought with it several forms and areas that are left dormant and even disregarded. An area that emerges to open sunlight into the homes of those who are elderly and disabled is the CARE aspect that could be done by siblings. It is imperative for siblings to show some form of compassion to those who need to be taken care of. Caregivers come in different forms but no one can query that the best caregivers come from within the family.

I would like to express some concern as far as home cultivated care permits me to. Siblings operate on the basis of turns and the way in which these turns are regulated or negotiated can allow quite a number of these elderly and disabled folks to be kept at home. Chances are the compassion that is required will be given with the expected depth. Depending on the number of siblings in one family, a caregiver can be used to fill the gap but that is all.

Here comes the issue: some families, if not the majority, leave the bulk of the care giving to one or two members of the family and that is not fair. Even distribution should be the way to go but somehow the wheel of imbalance seems to spin in an odd direction, causing one alternative, and that is to place the individual in a home operated by professionals.

How noble are the actions taken by those who perform acts as difficult as this. Siblings have to find it in their hearts to make a concerted effort and join in unity to prolong the lives of those who stood the test of time. My sole objective here is to encourage siblings to divide the care giving roles so that the responsibility will be evenly distributed and the ugly stigma of one person taking the role of chief cook and bottle washer will be no more,

Sad as it may be, several households are riddled with circumstances such as mentioned above and with Covid-19 now rattling it’s presence in our society, one would have thought that the attention paid to the elderly and disabled by siblings would be a much better alternative to consider as it pertains to the spreading of this virus.

In this climate of COVID-19, siblings must find comfort in knowing that there elderly and disabled family are with them, so that the close attention, especially with the extra vigilance and cleanliness that is needed, can be maintained.

At times a cloud of repudiation seems to be lurking and causing a form of perfidiousness which would normally be subjected to a line of questioning from those who feel that our elderly and disabled folks must be rejected. One thing that is certain, at the end of this pandemic, a new approach towards mankind will surely change our attitude and remove that wrong way of thinking that is hurting society today.

Sometimes I wonder what are the gains we as humans strive to attain when we act ill towards our fellow brothers and sisters. Probably there is some hidden reward to be achieved.

To our elderly and disabled, remain passive and be not afraid for without a doubt the circle of life must turn around in your direction and all will be well.

It would be remiss of me if I did not congratulate all those who took care of our elderly and disabled during the elections. Your blessings are safe, that is a step in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on keeping on.

In the spirit of growth.