Shivanie Ramkarran, 24-year-old drowning victim who died while celebrating her birthday at the beach, on Monday 5th April 2021.

Another birthday celebration at Mayaro beach over the long Easter weekend has ended in death.

Guardian Media understands that 24-year-old Shivanie Ramkarran went to the beach on Monday 5th April to celebrate her birthday, but she got into difficulties and drowned.

According to Mayaro Police, Shivanie was swimming off Double Bridge, Guayaguayare, when she got into difficulties.  She went under the water and resurfaced a short while later. She was pulled out and rushed to the district health facility where she was pronounced dead around 6 pm.

Earlier on her Facebook page, she had posted, “Thankful for another year of life!”

Shivanie is the second person to drown at a beach in Mayaro in two days.

On Sunday, fire officer Stephen Marcano, 39, was at a beach off Vicks Avenue, Guayaguayare, with his family in celebration of his wife’s birthday, when he ran into the choppy waters to save his relative.

The father of two disappeared and resurfaced a short while later. He was pronounced dead at the Mayaro District Facility.