The abandoned dumpster causing concern to residents, outside the mass vaccine site at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva. [Image: SHASTRI BOODAN]

An abandoned dumpster outside the mass vaccination site at the Ato Boldon Stadium, Couva, is creating woes for people using the area.

Arlene Solomon Ramesar, the local government representative for the area on the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, said she had received numerous complaints about the stench emanating from the dumpster.

“I have done my investigations, and the dumpster is being placed there by a private garbage contractor without any authorization,” Councillor Solomon Ramesar said.  “They have been using that area, which is state land, as a storage location for dumpsters for quite a long while. However, the dumpsters are removed on a timely basis normally. This dumpster has been placed there for almost three weeks. Now it’s a breeding ground for rats and other vermin.”

Councillor Solomon-Ramesar added: “People and businesses with a lot of garbage come and dump all sorts of things such as animal entrails, coconut shells, tyres and what have you. But it has not been removed and now the stench is unbearable.”

She told Guardian Media there are food vendors located not far from the dumpster, in addition to the hundreds of people who used the road to exercise after being denied permission to use the Ato Boldon Stadium roughly two years ago.

“If this is not removed,” she warned, “the CTTRC will have to act and remove the dumpster to the landfill site at Claxton Bay.”

“The owner is also putting his equipment at risk since there are many scrap iron dealers just waiting to pounce on abandoned metals,” she added.

Councillor Solomon-Ramesar said the area is being scavenged by contractors from the CTTRC some three days a week.

“There is no need for a dumpster in that area,” she noted.  “There are no functions taking place at the cricket centre, no heavy housing settlement.  Also, gatherings are limited to 10 persons.”