A Port-of-Spain City Corporation employee looks on as co-workers clear the debris after the old church caved in on Laventille Road, Laventille, yesterday.

A Laventille church, abandoned for over 30 years, collapsed yesterday due to heavy rains.

Luckily, no one was injured.

The St Thomas Spiritual Baptist Church, located on Laventille Road, was earmarked to be demolished by the Port-of-Spain City Corporation due to the owners not being able to get the structure removed.

Guardian Media was informed that residents heard a loud crashing sound just after 7 am and when they inquired they saw pieces of the building in the road and the adjacent property.

Officials from the Port-of-Spain City Corporation, along with emergency personnel, were on the scene to clear the debris on the road and make the site safe.

At the scene was the corporation’s deputy mayor Hillan Morean.

He said, “We spoke to the owners and they told us they were getting challenges to get it down due to funding under the national clean up campaign some years ago.

“We have tried to see if we could have got it down and that was a challenge and we were actually in the process to get a contractor engaged, the company that is willing to assist us, on a total volunteering manner.”

He added: “I am glad nobody was injured or lost of life or limb but we do have some light property damage at a property at the side.