Mary Ali

A contingent of police officers searched parts of the Biche district and forest for kidnapped businesswoman Mary Ali but came out empty-handed.

Ali’s family meanwhile grew anxious yesterday, as it marked three days since she had been snatched close to her business place.

“We know the police are˚ making their best effort in the investigation,” one relative who did not want to be identified told Guardian Media.

Relatives said no one had contacted them up to late yesterday, although they had also posted a reward on social media for information that could help in her release.

Family members said they are becoming very worried about her and are praying she is alive, as she has health problems which require she take medication.

“Please! Please! Can someone call us and tell us where Mary is,” distressed family members said.

They said the kidnapping was very strange, as the abductors have not yet called to demand a ransom or allow them to speak to Ali to assure them she is safe and in good health.

Ali was in the company of two security guards on her way to her the Cost Cutters Supermarket on George Street, Sangre Grande, when she was snatched.

Officers from the Anti -Kidnapping Unit (AKU), Cybercrime Unit, Special Operations Response Team (SORT) and Sangre Grande CID are investigating. Anyone with information can contact 273-0123.