An accident victim who was knocked down on Thursday, while she stood St Albans Road, Valencia, is said to be in critical condition at the Sangre Grande Hospital.

According to police reports, just minutes before the accident, Kim Gomes of Coconut Drive, Valencia, had alighted from a  vehicle which she took from Sangre Grande  and was standing at St Albans Road with two bags of grocery items, when a black vehicle travelling West along the Valencia Stretch over took another vehicle.

The black vehicle reportedly lost control and came into contact with Gomes, pitching her about 20 feet on impact from where she was standing, knocking down a shed and ending up close to some coconut trees.

The woman appeared to have suffered internal bleeding, in addition to broken legs and arms.  She was taken up by an EHS ambulance and rushed to the Sangre Grande Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery. Currently, she is warded in the ICU Unit.

The lone driver of the vehicle was reported to be unconscious and had internal injuries. He was placed in the tray of a pickup vehicle, which was driven by his father and also taken to Sangre Grande Hospital, where he remains warded in stable condition.

Police reported that the driver of the vehicle was Kelvin Kallicharan of Cooperative Street, Sangre Grande, based on information supplied on his driver’s permit. It is alleged that at the time of the accident, he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

Visiting the scene were CPl Sheldon Kassiram, Ag, Cpl Ali, PC Jones and officers of ERP, who directed traffic following the accident.

Ag Cpl Ali of Valencia Police Post is continuing investigations.