Ag DCP Jayson Forde—the Operational Gold Commander for Carnival 2020—is warning citizens against bringing their illegal weapons into Carnival events

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayson Forde is urging members of the public to leave their weapons home during the Carnival festivities.

During this morning’s Police Press Briefing, Ag DCP Forde—who is the Operational Gold Commander for Carnival 2020—warned that anyone found with a weapon will be arrested immediately.

“My appeal is please, please, please, please leave your weapons home,” Ag DCP Forde said.

He added: “You cannot convince a police officer that you are coming to a Carnival event with a weapon to enjoy yourself. You are coming to cause harm and mayhem. And we have a zero tolerance on anyone found in possession of a weapon intended for crime. Come enjoy yourselves. Leave your weapons at home. We are going to lock you up when we find you with a weapon.’

Ag DCP Forde also reminded the public that it would be illegal to bring glass bottles into Port of Spain on the Carnival days and advised the public to pour their drinks out into plastic bottles instead.

Ag DCP Forde also confirmed that a WPC who was shot last night by a male police officer was in a stable condition.

He said the man was in police custody.