ACP Irwin Hackshaw

Senior Reporter

An intense three-month police investigation into ACP Irwin Hackshaw, following a newspaper report which claimed he had allegedly been flagged for suspicious financial activity at three banks, has been closed by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service with the officer being exonerated from any criminal wrongdoing.

Sources told Guardian Media last evening that the investigation was conducted by ACP William Nurse of the Port-of-Spain and Western Division and was later submitted to Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

The newspaper report in March had alleged Hackshaw had been flagged for activity during the period 2014-2019 and the three banks reported the matter to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Trinidad and Tobago.

Hackshaw has since taken legal action against the Trinidad Express, claiming from day one he had been treated unfairly.

Insiders familiar with the investigation said the report indicated that Hackshaw only had three main accounts in which donations totalling under $.25m were given for five police events over the period 2014-2018. The report, Guardian Media was also reliably informed, said Hackshaw, who had also earned money privately from security-related consultancy, had permission to conduct this activity. Senior police sources said after interviewing several bank employees at RBC and Scotiabank, the banks did not consider that Hackshaw had to file a source of funds declaration and indicated that all the deposits were legal.

Insiders say ACP Nurse noted that Hackshaw accounts had “sizeable deposits of cheques and cash,” but the bank never raised any concerns about the matter. In his final report, Nurse concluded that the banks found no evidence that Hackshaw was culpable on the issue of receiving and soliciting donations to host police events and also concluded that there had not been any evidence to suggest any liability on the part of Hackshaw for any criminal offence.

Senior police sources say confirmation had also been sought that Hackshaw had filed his taxes through the Board of Inland Revenue.

Nurse thus recommended that the police file be closed on this matter.

Guardian Media also understands that the behaviour of a former DCP alleged to have instructed a senior FIU member to search Hackshaw’s bank accounts without any reasonable cause was also noted in Nurse’s report.