Extent of the current Adverse Weather Alert/YELLOW Level over Trinidad and Tobago. (Image courtesy TTMS)

The current Adverse Weather Alert/YELLOW Level over Trinidad and Tobago is still in effect, and will remain so until 6:00 pm on Saturday 23rd October 2021, unless there are changes to the forecast.

The Alert was activated at 11:00 PM on Wednesday 20th October 2021.

An advisory from the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) explains that a tropical wave is expected overnight and into tomorrow, accompanied by the leading edge of a band of relatively strong low level winds.

Forecasters warn there is a high potential (80%) for gusty winds in excess of 55km/hr to accompany intermittent, brisk showers and isolated thunderstorms. Street flooding is likely in heavy downpours. Seas can become agitated especially in the vicinity of heavy showers/thunderstorms.

Satellite image showing current the tropical wave. (Image courtesy TTMS)

Today’s weather forecast indicates that fair, hazy and windy conditions will be accompanied by light rain / showers in varying areas, and that similar conditions can expected overnight.  In addition, seas are being described as moderate-to-rough in open waters, and choppy in sheltered areas.  Seas could go as high as 3 metres in open waters.

The Met Service is advising the public to secure loose items and livestock outdoors, and to continue to monitor weather conditions and updates from official sources via www.metoffice.gov.tt (T&T Met Service) and www.odpm.gov.tt (the ODPM).