TBC Radio Network Vibe CT 105 radio announcer Chris Boynes is interviewed by colleague Rossanno Chaitsingh (Dr Ross) during Ross’ Majestic Monday segment at GML Building yesterday.

He has commanded the airwaves for more than four decades with a voice that exudes confidence and charisma.

And now, after 43 years, three months and 22 days, Christopher Boynes, known by his colleagues in the radio and DJ fraternity as “The President of Radio,” bid farewell yesterday to Vibe CT 105FM, a sister station of Guardian Media Limited. He celebrates his 60th birthday in December

Describing it as a bitter-sweet moment, Boynes’ eyes misted as he recalled some of his fondest moments at the company.

He said every one ranging from colleagues, managers and even clients helped shape his career, enabling him to become a household name.

“As I look back, it has been a journey I am very grateful for. Though there were obstacles along the way like anywhere else, those obstacles helped me to be the person I am today, to make a legacy and let others follow suit,” Boynes said.

Further, he said it was a great privilege to work with some of the pioneers in the industry which further honed his talent to outside broadcasts.

For Boynes, it was a very family-oriented environment which he will hold dear to his heart.

His story is one of shining success, sheer grit and determination, which has placed him among the very best in the broadcast industry.

For the entire day yesterday, his co-presenters on all of GML’s radio platforms openly paid glowing tribute to him, thanking him for his guidance and knowledge in radio passed on to them over the years. Scores of Boynes’ radio fans also paid tribute to him on air.

Boynes, also fondly referred to by GML employees as Chris or CB, has also achieved this amazing feat against all odds.

His journey started from humble beginnings at the Western Boys’ Primary School, now Sacred Heart Boys’ RC.

Not being as academically inclined as his nine siblings, Boynes was unsuccessful at the then Common Entrance exams.

Undeterred, he became an exemplary pupil, setting the standards high in discipline, so much so that at 16, he was recommended by the school’s principal for the position of office boy at Charles McEnearney, now Diamond motors.

“I was in post-primary level and one day I was late for school. The principal called me and I thought I was in serious trouble. But to my surprise, he said someone from McEnearney came across requesting the best student to work for them. I was selected out of everyone,” Boynes reminisced.

A year- and- a- half later, Boynes joined the Trinidad Broadcasting Company (TBC) group, a position which he was nudged into by his eldest brother Dean, who was a technician at the company.

His first post at TBC was a library clerk, where he was responsible for sourcing music for the day’s programming.

Boynes then quickly worked his way up, mastering every facet of radio.

To youths wanting to pursue the field, Boynes said, “Be open-minded. Accept constructive criticism from those who believe in you.

“Always maintain a great level of professionalism and respect no matter the challenges you may face because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It’s when you’re standing on the grass you realise you have to get the grass green for yourself.”

So what’s next for Boynes?

While he has many avenues to explore for now, he’s just taking it one day at a time.