Chutney soca star Raymond Ramnarine and Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi at the media launch of Prestige X on Tuesday night.

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi is backing claims made by his colleague National Security Minister Stuart Young that the police are investigating sitting Members of Parliament with ties to the criminal underworld. He said he was present at the meeting of the National Security Council when the police and other law enforcement officers shared that information.

The AG, who spoke with reporters at the media launch of Prestige X at 519 Lounge, C3 Centre, San Fernando on Tuesday night said: “Do you believe someone is fueling crime? I am a member of the National Security Council. I was present at the National Security Council when the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and other law enforcement agencies came to us and told us what Minister Young said and it is recorded in the minutes of the National Security Council exactly what Minister Young said.”

The Opposition has called for Young to appear before Parliament’s Joint Select Committee (JSC) on National Security to explain his claims. Al-Rawi said he is confident that Young will be vindicated.

“Commissioner Griffith, wasn’t he a member of a previous government? For Commissioner Griffith to be in the line up of a Joint Select Committee to tell the population what Minister Young said is not a small deal.

“Minister Young had an obligation to put forward the information that he did. I accept that it may appear to be a political twist. Many people can say that Trinidad and Tobago is tired of the talk but at that Joint Select Committee, I am confident my colleague Stuart Young will properly acquit himself in the best interest of the confidence of managing crime and halting it.”

The AG said he supports the call from the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Government to ensure that technology infrastructure—drones, air support, digital fingerprinting, the CCTV cameras with facial recognition—are fully operational and utilized.

“I think it is a fair communication of concern. I think the cry out there is for everybody to play a part,” he said.

He said there is an agreed consensus that multiple solutions are required to tackle crime because people need to feel a sense of confidence.

With regards to judicial matters, Al-Rawi said Government will be tackling motor and traffic, preliminary inquiry and marijuana cases.