The PNM's Faris Al-Rawi (right) and his campaign manager Randall Mitchell (left) outside the EBC's Cipero Street, San Fernando office following the end of the recount Thursday night.

The People’s National Movement’s (PNM) Faris Al-Rawi has announced that he is the elected representative for San Fernando West following a recount exercise that ended Thursday night.

Speaking outside the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) office on Cipero Street, San Fernando, Al-Rawi said the recount went in his favour.

“We have just finished the count for San Fernando West and I would like to announce that victory has been confirmed. I stand as the Member of Parliament properly elected for San Fernando West in the 2020 General Election,” he said.

He described the exercise as “a proper one” and said the final count, which was requested by the United National Congress (UNC), was in keeping with the Representation of the People Act which he said he had no complaint about.

He said the EBC conducted an excellent exercise.

Al-Rawi said those wondering why it took so long, should know that on election night in San Fernando, there were 59 polling divisions which had to be checked by EBC personnel from the divisions, deputies and party representatives.

He said in the recount exercise, however, the Returning Officer had to physically check over 15,000 ballots, polling cards and stubs.

He said the two independent candidates sat in on each day of the recount and they stand as independent witnesses.

He added that two representatives who attended on behalf of the UNC “were very cordial and engaged in a proper exercise with us.”

Al-Rawi said the representatives for the UNC “complimented what was a fair and transparent process, complimented the EBC and complimented me.”

He said he was happy to be first of representative in Trinidad to complete the recount exercise and was very anxious “for T&T’s business to move as it must.”