Inspector Roger Alexander speaks to residents of Second Caledonia, Morvant during their protest yesterday over the police shootings in the area on Saturday.

Police Inspector Roger Alexander has promised residents of Morvant that justice will be served and that they will be given a full account of what transpired with the shooting deaths of three men in Second Caledonia on Saturday.

“I just came from a meeting and I want each and every person here and family members here; that justice will not only be served but you all will have a total account as to what took place on Saturday,” Inspector Alexander told protesting residents yesterday.

Alexander said he knew the men personally.

“I know Diamond, I know Joel and I know the other man, so if the police of Morvant was present we would have been able to identify these persons not so? But if you are making these allegations it will be dealt with according,” he said.

The police shootings claimed the lives of Israel Clinton, 27, Noel Diamond, 44, and Joel Jacob, 43.

Alexander denied reports that were circulating yesterday, that he was on the scene of the shooting. He explained that Police Commissioner Gary Griffith and the executive have launched an investigation into the matter, adding that those who have information and are witnesses should come forward and give information to the Police Service.

While the residents were protesting, officers from the Police Service Complaints Authority and Professional Standards Bureau were also conducting their inquiries.

Inspector Alexander explained the CCTV video of the shooting is part of the investigations.

After Alexander addressed the residents, protests continued as some residents blocked roads with burning debris and some went even further to block parts of the Eastern Main Road in the vicinity of the Morvant Junction.

Commissioner Griffith told Guardian Media yesterday that word of the officers being placed on suspension was not true.

“The officers have not been placed on suspension and an investigation is ongoing. The Police Service purchased 180 body cameras and I am not sure if the officers had them on or were issued as the service is expected to procure more.”

The Commissioner of Police said the vehicles at the scene had dashcams, but noted that the vehicles were facing in the opposite direction to the incident.

The investigation is being headed by the Police Complaints Authority and Professional Bureau Standards.