Leader of Team Sentinel Nixon Callender and members of his slate which is contesting the PSA election.

Controversy is brewing in the Public Services Association (PSA) internal elections as there are claims that there are candidates who have not paid their membership fees.

Team Sentinel’s presidential candidate, Nixon Callender related his concerns.

“We are in receipt of information that suggests that four contesting slates have candidates that failed the election rules and procedures governing the elections of the PSA”, Callendar said

Team Sentinel is one of five teams contesting the PSA’s leadership and executive posts.

“One candidate on the Labour Warriors team, after filing her nomination papers, discovered her dues were missing for two months. For another candidate on the Premium Value team, it was also discovered that dues were also missing. But perhaps the most damaging one is the member on Watson Duke’s Game Changers team who has a candidate with eight months’ dues missing, which under our by-laws disqualifies them as a member of the PSA and one candidate for Concerned Public Officers is missing the tenth name on her nomination which is also in contrary ”, he said.

The PSA election is just a few weeks away – November 23.

Callander hand-delivered a letter challenging the nomination of the candidates to PSA elections officer Selwyn Malcolm and gave them three days to respond to his claims.

He is also urging the union’s general council to take his concerns seriously as the by-laws of the union have clear rules and regulations.

He said that another concern he has is the voter’s list.

“Over 17 ministries and departments totalling 7, 300 members’ names are missing from that preliminary list. 7000, my ministry, the Ministry of Community Development where I am a candidate it’s not only me, my other team members names from the Agricultural Development Bank and other ministries all our names are missing and in some cases, departments and other ministries names are omitted from voters list.”

He added, “It goes a little deeper than the missing names, in accordance with our election rules the General Secretary of the PSA which is on another team contesting the PSA elections, the General Secretary shall submit the list of eligible voters within fourteen days of the appointment of the election officer and the General Secretary of the PSA needs to answer if that is the list that she presented to the election officer because certainly, any issue taken with that list falls squarely on her laps.”

The committee said it is aware of the claims made by Callender and the queries are being examined in accordance with elections procedures.

However, PSA President Watson Duke has dismissed the claims made by Team Sentinel.

He said the slate and its leadership contender “don’t have any legal right or authority to make those statements, and those statements are fabricated, they are false and they are mischievous to cast darkness and aspersions upon the seriousness of the PSA Elections.”

Duke added, “Every person who filed nominations paper were examined except for those three other candidates that are not on my slate and all the other names were good and those three candidates were singled out and queried from the elections committee report.”