A vehicle enters Caura Hospital, last Sunday.

There was a spat between patients being treated for COVID-19 and staff at the Caura hospital earlier this week, Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh confirmed during the daily Ministry of Health news conference.

A video had emerged on social media where a man, claiming to be a patient at the hospital, raised several concerns about his treatment at the hands of a healthcare worker.

The Minister, while responding to a question about the matter, confirmed that an investigation had been launched and gave limited information from a report given to him by North Central Regional Health Authority Chief Executive Officer Davlin Thomas.

“What lead to the issue, I am told, by the report, was that there was a particular patient under the care of Professor Hutchinson, I am told by the CEO that some other patients, took it upon themselves to have a disagreement with the way that particular patient was being managed by Professor Hutchinson. That lead to a cascade of events which had some negative fall out,” said the Minister.

He added, “The Chief Executive Officer has indicated that he investigated and found the following. One there was enough PPE for staff that was not an issue, but the issue seems to have arisen from certain patients, I am told by the report not agreeing to the way Professor Hutchinson was managing one particular patient and which lead to an escalation.”

The Health Minister, however, said most patients at the Caura facility were all in good health but they are still awaiting negative tests to be officially discharged.

He also said that at the Couva Hospital, none of the 72 patients currently housed there is in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital, although three patients were currently in the High Dependency Unit.

The Health Minister said there was a possibility that a significant amount of patients would be moved from the Couva Hospital over the weekend.

“For this weekend we have a potential transfer, out of Couva, of 32 patients sometime between today and Sunday for the absolute latest,” said the Minister.