UNC candidate for St Augustine Khadijah Ameen is asking why there was a police roadblock at Evans street Curepe earlier today.
” What I found a bit unusual this morning was in the road to go into SAGS where all the voters are passing there is a police roadblock,” Ameen said.
But according to Ameen, this roadblock was a thorough one where officers were inspecting more than just license and registration.
” They are not just asking for drivers permit they are also checking engine number and other details surrounding your vehicle,” Ameen said.
The UNC candidate commended the police for their job but asked why on election day and at the entrance of a major voting station.
“That is something that I feel is ill-advised and I feel they should reconsider it,” She said.
Ameen also said she got complaints of people waiting over two hours to cast their votes.
“I don’t know what the reason for the delay is,” She said.
The politician hopes this delay can be ironed out by noon as she believes more voters will come after lunch.

Reporter Carisa Lee