Re: Establishment of a Traffic Authority

Dear Sir,

As President of the Trinidad and Tobago Road Safety Council, I bring this recommendation to you for the establishment of one Traffic authority for Trinidad and Tobago. This authority should include:

1. Police Traffic Branch

2. Ministry of Works Traffic Management Branch

3. Chief Traffic Warden

4. Director of Road and Safety Education—(a post to be created)

5. Transport Commissioner

6. School Crossing Guards (head)

7. Trinidad and Tobago Road Safety Council

8. Driving School Association

9. Defensive Driving Schools Association

This authority can be headed and chaired by a Director of Road and Safety Education, a post to be created, who will report to the Minister of Works and transport or his permanent Secretary.

This authority can be appointed by the Minister of Works and replace the present Transport Board. Mr Minister, this country is too small to have Two (2) Traffic management Branch, eg. police and Ministry of Works. All traffic wardens should be renamed traffic police and handle all traffic matters in Trinidad and Tobago. The police can be used for the highways as state troopers and all transit police officers be enlisted in the regular police service and abolish the title Transit Police as this have proven to be a waste of expenses. Also, all drivers in this country should be educated with a Local defensive driving certificate approved by the Ministry of Works and Transport and disregard all foreign defensive driving certificate with immediate effect. Mr. Minister, ‘if the education is wrong, the driving will be wrong’. We must remember that an educated driver is a better driver.

These are the Council’s recommendations to you as Minister of Works and Transport. The Council is willing to meet with you to discuss other road safety matters at your appointed time. Please feel free to call me at 296-3087. “Together we can save lives.”


President Trinidad and Tobago Road Safety Council

Road Safety and Insurance Consultant

via email