Sakunti Ramnarine Singh, centre, cuts the ribbon to officially open Anand Low Price Supermarket and Bakery in Fyzabad, yesterday. Also in the picture, from left are owner Anand Ramnarine Singh, Fyzabad MP Lackram Boodoe, Perl Nandoo and Chelsea Ramnarine Singh.

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With much excitement and fanfare, the Anand Low Price Group opened a new supermarket at Charlie King Junction in Fyzabad yesterday. It’s the third outlet to be opened by the group since the pandemic hit Trinidad and Tobago.

Director Chelsea Ramnarine Singh said they viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to grow business and provide jobs.

She said, “We think this is a great business opportunity during this time. People are mainly buying their basic necessities such as food and instead of shutting down, we think it is best to start opening businesses to provide for the people. We did not lay off any workers. Instead, we hired more due to the increased demands for goods in the supermarket.”

Ramnarine Singh said the company is one of the largest employers in south Trinidad, with more than 600 employees across several businesses, including restaurants, hardware, nightclubs, hotels, gyms, clothing stores, shopping malls, pharmacies and land development.

She said the company will also be establishing a bottled water factory and a concrete block plant soon.

Ramnarine Singh said it was at that very building in Fyzabad where her father Anand and his brother Dianan opened their first supermarket in 1989, but it closed down 25 years ago.

Fyzabad MP Dr Lackram Bodoe praised Anand Ramnarine Singh for choosing to expand his business in these challenging times.

“In these difficult economic times, when it is very easy to turn the other way and to close businesses, it takes a lot of vision and courage and fortitude to be able to continue to expand,” he said.

Also addressing the audience was newly-appointed director Dr Rolph Balgobin.