Keith Belgrove, president of the Association of Funeral Home Professionals.

An announcement will be made as soon as next week about the new proposed site for the mass cold-storage unit for Covid-19 victims, President of the Association of Funeral Home Professionals of T&T, Keith Belgrove, told Guardian Media today.

On 27th December 2021, the Association announced its decision to withdraw from the initial site at Beaucarro in Freeport, after residents spoke out against it expressing health and safety concerns.

After listening to Beaucarro’s residents, Belgrove indicated that they were working on identifying new areas to establish new facilities.

“They’re working on it and I’m assuming that by mid next week we can make a public announcement,” Belgrove said on Friday.

When asked if there were consultations with residents and other stakeholders on the new proposed site, to avoid a repeat of what transpired at Beaucarro where residents alleged that they weren’t consulted, Belgrove replied: “Well, we will make the announcement at that time.”

On 18th December 2021, Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram first disclosed that the Ministry of Health wanted to set up a large storage facility for COVID-19 fatalities, as morgues were said to be running out of space.

Parasram said the ministry had partnered with funeral homes through a Memorandum Of Understanding to establish such a site.