Dr Lackram Bodoe, Member of Parliament for Fyzabad. (Image courtesy MP for Fyzabad Facebook)

Member of Parliament for Fyzabad, Dr Lackram Bodoe MP, says criminals have become emboldened and a Commissioner of Police must be appointed swiftly.

Calling for protection of prison officers, Dr Bodoe said:

“The killing of prison officer Nigel Michael Jones yesterday, at the Fyzabad taxi stand in Siparia, shows just how emboldened criminals have become in Trinidad and Tobago.  The fact that these criminals chose to gun down Mr. Jones in broad daylight, in a public place, and in the presence of his six-year-old daughter, is a signal that they fear no one and will show no mercy regardless of the circumstances. The fact that Mr. Jones’ young child will now be scarred psychologically for life obviously did not matter to these hardened criminals.”

In a press release, the Fyzabad MP also expressed condolences to Jones’s family, friends and loved ones.

“As a prison officer, Jones would have given service in the protection of society, in his role as a custodian of persons incarcerated for various criminal offenses,” he noted.  “The very fabric of society is threatened when citizens like Mr. Jones, charged with the responsibility of looking after those in our prisons can so easily be taken out.”

MP Bodoe added: “The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service, as an arm of our criminal justice system is an important barrier that protects society from descending into anarchy. It is critical that more be done to protect prison officers.”

The Fyzabad MP stated his earnest wish is that the perpetrators of this crime will be brought to justice swiftly.

“In this regard, I urge the Minister of National Security to ensure that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is adequately resourced, especially in the light of what appears to be increasing criminal activity,” he said.

“The Government must act swiftly to provide leadership at the highest level of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, by ensuring that a Commissioner of Police is appointed in an expeditious manner,” he urged.

MP Bodoe said he was hopeful the newly appointed Police Service Commission was moving rapidly to ensure “the best candidate for this critical job” would be brought soon before the Parliament.