A High Court Judge is expected to deliver her decision on an injunction blocking a private primary school in San Fernando from expelling a 10-year-old student, by next month.

In a hearing at the Hall of Justice in Port-of-Spain Monday, Justice Margaret Mohammed was expected to hear oral submissions on why the injunction against Cedar Grove Primary School in Palmiste, San Fernando, should be discharged.

However, when the case was called Mohammed suggested that attorneys, who attended the hearing with gloves and masks due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, should instead present written submissions. They agreed and Mohammed promised to deliver her decision on or before April 17.

The Grade Three student, whose mother is an attorney, was allegedly injured in late January. After his parents held discussions with school officials, he was expelled.

The child’s parents then filed a lawsuit against the school, the Chairman of its board, Flair Rampersad, its principal Shaheed Allaham and teachers Allison Sebro-Baptiste and Jenny Ramkissoon.

On February 12, High Court Judge Frank Seepersad granted an injunction, which essentially allowed the child to return to school pending the determination of the lawsuit.

When the case was transferred to Mohammed, she ordered that the case file and associated documents be sealed due to the nature of the substantive case.

The school and its officials are being represented by Dinesh Rambally and Stefan Ramkissoon.