This year, Arcos Dorados Holdings announced that the variable compensation policy for the Company’s executives will include ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) indicators. It is the first company in the region’s restaurant industry to adopt such a measure.

Woods Staton, Executive Chairman of Arcos Dorado, said, “Although research published by leading compensation consulting firms indicates that only around 30% of companies in the global consumer discretionary industry incorporate ESG indicators in their compensation programs, we believe this is a crucial step to ensuring we stay true to making a positive impact on youth opportunity, sustainable sourcing, packaging and recycling, climate change and family wellbeing.”

Meanwhile, Marcelo Rabach, Chief Executive Officer of Arcos Dorados, explained, “Looking ahead, by tying a portion of our executives’ variable compensation to ESG indicators, we are further aligning the Company with the long-term social and environmental commitments we made in recent year.”